Whilst I would love to see more settings such as brightening the videos as it exports, after using it for what much be almost 30 camcorder tapes and VHS videos I had a new appreciation for its simplicity. One loaded, the software is extremely easy to use opting for a simple image-led user interface. Added the auto product update notification feature. I think I only had to hit two buttons during the entire process. Line 2 should tell you the basic model number. Downloads Software Installers Device Drivers.

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VIDBOX – Capture Your Life!

You must be logged in to post a comment. Your product key should be located on the CD jewel case or paper envelope that the software CD was packaged in. Don’t risk this happening to your home music collection!

Next select the Control button and adjust the Video Standard setting within the next window that appears. Transfer video tapes to DVD with one click. All I need to do is record video from an old tape player and save it as a file – that’s all.

Please send an email to support honestech. Lower your capture resolution Easy Wizard Mode: I am very happy with the simplicity of the device and even more for the simplicity of the interface. Vidfan “Specfellow” – Video Conversion Suite user. To cut a long story short I had a couple of hiccups and ended up being shouted at during a board meeting on TV. Downloads Software Installers Device Drivers. Windows 7 bit OS.


VHS to DVD Deluxe | Honest Technology

Convenient File Management Movie clips are managed in a File Pool for ease of viewing, editing, and deleting. Various Effects and Menu Creation Offers many different screen effects and filters, and lets you create your own menus.

If using our USB 2.

This may be because the video you are capturing is in the I think it all stemmed from when I was 8 years old and my class was filmed starting a popcorn making company from our classroom.

You may need to adjust the video standard format setting of the Windows operating system if you are attempting to convert video originally recorded or created in another country. All other names of actual companies and marks mentioned herein may be trademarks viddbox their respective owners.

Honestech My VIDBOX Nw03 Analog to Digital Video & Audio Conversion. Untested

The build quality feels good and it has survived a couple of drops already… You can blame my two girls for that test. Instead, convert all of your music All-in-one solution provides everything you need to easily convert your videos to d To verify the audio is truly out of sync, we recommend you record a small video sample in the Advanced mode, and playback it back in the edit section after recording.


In the Advanced Mode, use the pull-down menu in the Capture screen to change from 4: Music Digitize your old cassettes, vinyl records and 8-track tapes, so you can listen for years to come. Because SenseKey error codes are generated by the DVD drive, the actual code meanings can only be obtained from the drive manufacturer. This helps Windows to accept and understand the PAL video signal. Don’t risk this happening to your home video collection!

To do that, you will vidbx to open the Record Settings gears button at the bottom of the Capture screen in the Advanced Mode and click the Settings button next to the Video Device at top.

Unplug the USB 2.

Tech Review: Honestech VIDBOX for Mac

Convert and enjoy your favorite music. Adjustable Recording Time Recording will be made for the duration of time you set. Line 2 should tell you the basic model number. This option is just below the drive setting in the upper right corner of the Option window that appears after clicking the vidbbox button.