The display , with an integrated vertically rotatable 1. The Asus M51SN is not really usable outdoors with the tested display. An extensive interface with DVI-D exit and optical sound output adds to this positive impression and leaves hardly anything to be desired. This means an average illumination of disappointing But they are rather weak regarding sound quality. Clearly outstanding however, is the hardware of the Asus M51SN. But not only the keyboard layout but also the typing feeling was convincing.

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The Asus M51SN is not really usable outdoors with the tested display.

The Asus M51SN is a great addition to the high performance Temperatures stay always low. It is not very responsive and has a very sticky surface. There are also no surprises regarding keyboard layout.

NVIDIA managed, with some internal changes, tojchpad noticeable performance improvement of the new chip in comparison with the predecessor, the Geforcewhile lowering energy consumption at the same time.

The displaywith an integrated vertically rotatable 1. Audio ports, USB, cardreader.

Asus M51SN – External Reviews

Typing is accompanied with a p leasant clicking sound. The notebook offers furthermore a 1. What Notebook Should I Buy? The sound is shallow and resounds at maximum volume, which is rather modest to begin with, tinny and irregularly out of the case.

Between Msi and Asus HenrisDec 21,in forum: An extensive interface with DVI-D exit and optical sound output adds to this positive impression and leaves hardly m511sn to be desired. Share This Page Tweet.


Asus M51SN

Why do we need toudhpad see the overhead lights, or what’s outside the window reflected on my computer screen? However, the Asus M51SN is still good looking by itself and could find approval from friends of good design. Only users who suffer from very dry hands might find the touch pad appealing. The lid has a double hook closing system, where the two static hooks at the upper edge can be released by pressing a button on the base toucupad.

Although it is possible to get used to this noise level, a more sensible fan control would be appreciated, especially in office or WLan mode. Power supply, fan, 2x USB, battery.

The display is completely in black with a glossy surface. Even if the user types forcefully, the sound never becomes annoying or too noisy. Maybe have a look at anti-glare covers for my screen. Not quite as well is the notebook’s result in the Cinebench benchmark test, where the advantage of the bigger L2-cache of the T9xxx processors becomes apparent rendering single and multi processor.

The same can be said about the modest battery lifetime of maximal two hours.

ASUS M50SV vs M51Sn touchpad | NotebookReview

Only the function and cursor keys are slightly smaller than usual. The glossy surface causes annoying reflections in bright environments, and the brightness of the display itself is not high enough to overcome this problem. Starting from the front right side of the notebook, one can find an ExpressCard slot with a slightly annoying plastic dummy, an USB 2.


I have no doubt that if i got a new lappy i would hate the keyboard at first but soon will get very used to it and consider it my own. If the tool Prime95 is used to set both processor cores under full load and if the graphics card is made to work at maximum level with the ATITool, the fan speed increases even more. Infusion – The magic word that is supposed to provide the new Asus notebook case with a stylish look and robustness.

My main is a small very old 12″.

Review Asus M51SN Multimedia Notebook

Discussion in ‘ Asus ‘ started by aamietApr 17, Various producers already started to sell models with the new Penryn processors and the new graphics chips. Another negative point of the notebook is the sound replay. It also keeps up with the competition from an optical point of view with it’s elegant design and compact appearance.