Specifies the locations of Crystal Reports executables and the default location for reports generated using PeopleSoft Query. Specify whether the authentication should be done at the Operating System level or at the server level. PeopleSoft configuration parameters are grouped on the Configuration Manager tabs according to the function, feature, or tool that they control. Create the Heterogeneous Services Initialization File. Subsequent instances do not display the navigator.

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A company stores its employee data in an Excel file called employees. Select check boxes to create shortcut links for PeopleSoft applications that you want to access from knstalling workstation.

Enter the host name and the port number in the Host and Port fields respectively. As part of the PeopleSoft installation process, you need to configure developer workstations also called the PeopleTools development environment to run successfully with your Psoplesoft system. Accept the default values in the next screen and click Finish.

To clear Database Name, you must clear the Database Type check box. To provide connection information, on the Connection Information page, click Edit to open the Edit Non-Oracle Location dialog box and provide the following details:.

Object reference not set to an instance of an object. The connect ID edit box must contain a value, or the user can’t sign in to the system in a two-tier environment.

If no path is specified for the file named in the set input lines when running a PeopleSoft Data Mover script, Data Mover searches directories for the database file in the following order. Select to display the name of current database in the status bar at the bottom of a PeopleSoft page, in addition to the current page name and the activity. If you select Debug and submit a process request to the server, the process hangs, waiting for a user command.


Test the data source to verify the connection.

This check box affects the Enter key on the numeric keypad, but not the Enter key on the main keyboard. If you selected Application Server from the Installinh Type drop-down list, specify the application server’s name in this field. If you want to delimit the data to be instaalling from the Excel innstalling, then define a name for the range of data being sourced:. If a page is too large for the window, the page information is clipped along the right and bottom edges of the window.

The user needs to specify a two-tier or three-tier connection from the PeopleSoft Signon dialog box. To load data stored in an Excel file into a target table, you must first use the Excel file as a source.

Troubleshooting This section lists some errors that you may encounter while providing the connection information. This ensures that the exported configuration file reflects the current installingg.

Understanding How to Run Client Setup

If the selected application server fails, the system attempts to connect to the next application server to the right, if any.


You must have already configured your application server and registered it on the Profile tab. Choose a name that’s intuitive for your site. If you try to add a database to a second profile, PeopleSoft Configuration Manager asks you if you want to remove it from the previous profile and add it to the current one.

Use the Font options to configure the way that text appears on the screen in PeopleSoft applications. This directory stores log files and other output files. One cache file directory stores the cache files for each PeopleSoft database that you use.

Connecting to Microsoft Data Sources Through ODBC Connection

Select one of the following values:. XLT file, which defines the Microsoft Excel styles used to format output. PeopleTools locates these files by referring to the Microsoft Windows registry.

Create the Heterogeneous Services Initialization File. Select the Debug check box only when you are testing and troubleshooting client-side processes.

Right-click the module and select Import. Each workstation must have a default profile, which is used when instwlling user signs in to a database or application server that isn’t listed in any profile.

The traditional Microsoft Windows client is supported for application developer and administrator use. The default is 50 seconds.