You can turn the volume down if you wish. So, as you can see it comes up device i10 and the pass code, which that appears as you can see on my phone here. Hyundai Grand i10 is one of the most successful cars in the Hyundai lineup. Log into your account. Click here to learn more.

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Honda Brio Bluetooth Connectivity. To make a call, you’ve got the button here, the voice call, so you can tell the car who you wish to call. If you don’t want to speak to them, then press the red one. This feature is available in the top end variants of the car. The variants of Hyundai Grand i10 that offer bluetooth connectivity as standard include 1.

Hyundai Grand i10 Bluetooth Connectivity

The variants of Hyundai Grand i10 that do not offer bluetooth connectivity as standard include 1. When are you planning to buy?

There we go asking for the pass code which is four zeros and press pair. The phone is saying it is empty, download again and press yes, and as you can see it’s now downloading all of my contacts.

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On the car, what we do is ensure that the radio i110 turned on. Maruti Suzuki Celerio Bluetooth Connectivity. The phone I’m particularly using is my own, which is an iPhone. Once you have connected your phone to the car speakers via Bluetooth, you could answer phones calls on the go and enjoy smooth audio streaming.


Log into your account. By proceeding ahead you agree to Autoportal’s terms and condition and Privacy policy. Ford Figo Bluetooth Connectivity. So first of all then what we do is on your phone, we’re go into settings and buletooth the Bluetooth on. The JT Hughes website uses cookies. That’s all the phone and the phone book and everything all paired to the phone.

Next, what we’re going to do is just check to see if the contacts, etc. Please enter your details below We need this information only once bluetooh your details are safe with us!

I hope this video has been useful.

That will just downloaded the recent history on there. We will just highlight that. To take that call, you press the green button.

Honda Car Extended Guarantee. If you’re driving along, obviously with your radio on, if someone calls you, then the number comes up on the screen. Go into setup and then using the knob to the right, move it across the phone, press it in. The car is equipped with many impressive features, one of which is Bluetooth connectivity. Again, use the knob there and turn it to phone book. Apart from this, the interiors of Hyundai Grand i10 are appealing with air conditioning system and heater, power windows, central locking system, high quality fabric upholstery for the seats, extensive dashboard, head restraints for the rear seat occupants, etc.


But also you can voice call through this system as well. So again what I’m going to do now is go back to call history and again asking did you download call history, yes.

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Inrelbras, as you can see it comes up device i10 and the pass code, which that appears as you can see on my phone here. Click here to learn more. So your phone is all connected now so it’s nice and easy to use.